Club Championship Show 2023

Breed specialist judge ~ Liz Storey (Kiromol, UK)

Thank you to the Club for inviting me to officiate at your Championship Show. This appointment was delayed for a couple of years because of Covid,
but I had been looking forward to it and I thoroughly enjoyed judging your hounds. Thank you to all who entered their Ridgebacks under me, I consider myself very lucky to have such high quality hounds to judge.
Thanks also to Graham and Alison Messenger for their great hospitality and for Alison’s efficient stewarding! All hounds had accebtable bites and ridges and no suspect temperaments of any kind.
Finally, and I am under the impression I have to thank Lydia Scott for this, but the Sun actually came out for my time in the ring, so thank you Lydia! Whatever dance you did, you can come over here and do it too!


Intermediate Dog

(2 entries)

1st Henshall’s Suhuba Dream Star Sulli (Excellent). My first impression of this young dog was of complete balance with substance. Nothing overdone, he was well presented and in super condition.
His red wheaten coat was gleaming and he has the right musculature for his age and size. He has the most attractive but masculine head with correct eye shape and colour. Excellent depth and width to muzzle.
Correct front with good return of upper arm and layback of shoulder. Correct infill of forechest. Well of for correct oval bone. Ribbed well back and excellent topline held on the move. Correct tailset.
He has very good width to first and second thigh. His movement was fluid and easy, very true fore and aft. Handled perfectly. Pleased to award him Green Star Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Pearse’s Rumi. (Very Good) Dog and handler’s first show. Difficult to assess properly as he didn’t show himself to his possible potential
but this dog has a lovely temperament and was eager to please. Needs to lose some weight and have some schooling but I am sure he could then show his very good rear quarters once he gets going!
Very kind expression.

Open Dog

(1 entry)

1st Gilpin’s Hunterpride Liven The Dream (Excellent). Standard size Red Wheaten with adequate bone for size and on good feet. Handsome head with kind and correct eye and with correct ear carriage.
Firm topline held on the move. Moved out steady and true. Lovely temperament and well handled.

Champion Dog

(2 entries)

1st Anthony’s UK/IR Ch Rottzridge I Am Wrath CW (Excellent). What a powerhouse of a dog. Very well presented and in perfect balance, this five year old red wheaten boy is at his peak.
Excellent proportions to his handsome head, correct front assembly and with good depth to his chest. Well sprung ribs and elbows carried close. Moved out beautifully, driven from his low set hocks
and guided precisely from his well constructed front. Another fabulous temperament as usual from this kennel. Today, his son just pipped him for top honours. Reserve Green Star Dog, congratulations.

2nd Pratt’s GD CH ROM, CH ROM, CH Zejak Bubezi Bankhole at Hooz (Excellent). Heavier made dog than 1 but in proportion and a worthy Champion. Almost five years old Red Wheaten.
Correct head proportions, good eye and ear. Well off for bone, good depth to chest, elbows held close. Firm and level topline. Moved out well in profile. Handled very well.

Baby Puppy Bitch

(2 entries, 1 abs)

1st. Boyd’s Sikulubani Karoo. 5 months old to the day, this feminine wheaten girl was an absolute delight! Such a happy girl, she has a typical head and expression with a glorious dark round eye.
Well balanced all through. Fabulous front assembly, well ribbed back and good rear quarters with low set hock. She was eager to please and her movement was scopey and true for one so young.
Congratulations and I am sure she will have a very good future.

Puppy Bitch

(2 entries, 1 Abs)

1st. Pratt’s Hooz Laughin Now. (Very Promising) Although a darker shade of Red Wheaten than my personal preference, this 8 month old girl presented a very smart outline.
She has an attractive head of good proportion on a well arched neck into a good shoulder. Well boned and on good feet, she has a correct topline and tail set. Chest still needs to drop of course.
Ribbed well back, she moved out steady and true. In glorious condition. Best Puppy in Show.

Intermediate Bitch

(2 entries)

1st. Anthony’s Hunterpride She’s Dakeeper At Rottzridge. (Excellent) My eye was immediately drawn to her beautifully balanced outline. A very athletic bitch of excellent proportion throughout.
Feminine head with breed typical expression. Good proportion from occiput to stop, stop to nose. Muzzle of good width and depth. Well crested neck into excellent lay of shoulder.
Correct length and return of upper arm. Well boned for size, well ribbed and good topline, with slight rise over the loin. Good width to first and second thigh and a low set hock
gave her ample drive from the rear. Her movement was a joy to watch, a perfect side gait and true coming and going. Green Star Bitch and Best in Show
Congratulations, I understand this gives her the title of Irish Champion. Very well deserved.

2nd. Pearse’s Ambra. (Very Good) 19 months happiest of girls but needs to lose weight. She has a deep chest and good rear quarters and correct tail set. Low set hocks.
She moved out quite well with her handler.

Adult Bitch

(1 entry)

1st Scott & Fitzsimons Druimderg Bonfire Heart. (Excellent) Strong and muscular, this girl is a proper workhorse of a Ridgeback. Chest down to elbow and well ribbed back.
She has an attractive head with excellent proportions with an excellent muzzle of good width and depth. Gleaming coat condition. Powerful rear and strong well angled front gave her the ability
to move around the ring with sheer determination. Beautiful side gait. Sympathetically but well handled by her owner, lovely nature.

Open Bitch

(3 entries)

1st Boyd’s Balcantray Aye Iona for Sikulubani (Excellent) This 3 year old bitch possesses Classic breed type with a beautiful head, dark eye and expression. Glowing wheaten in super condition,
great front assembly, good bone and feet with the required flex in her pasterns. Good rear quarters, low set hocks. Very light mover covering the ground well.

2nd. Henshall’s Sanbona A’Frican Soul Daaci at Suhuba (Excellent) Slighter made than 1 above but well put together all through. Sweet expression on head of equal proportions.
Good ribbing and strong topline. Moved out well in profile and also true coming and going. Her movement did not give away her 7 years at all, beautiful coat condition and muscled in all the right places. Very well handled.

3rd. Mullins Droimdara My Own Lovely Lee Nora (Excellent). I had to look long and hard at this girl as she is not of the stamp I am used to seeing. I would prefer less stop on her head,
she has a beautiful round dark eye and very good ear set. Long neck into adequate shoulder. Strong level topline which she held on the move and her movement was precise and fluid.
Beautiful coat condition and very well handled.

Champion Bitch

(1 entry)

1st Pratt’s Ch Red Prayd Chizara Best of The Best (Excellent). Another quite different type. This liver nose bitch presented a picture of strength and substance, one I would say would look to me to be a good brood bitch!
Her construction overall was sound although she did throw her front a bit coming toward. She has a very well-proportioned head with the required amber eye harmonising with her lovely coat colour.
Well off for bone, well ribbed back and good topline, a slight rise over the loin. Perfectly angled at the rear with good turn of stifle and low set hock. She can really shift on the move and she surely is a worthy champion.
Today she took Reserve Green Star Bitch, congratulations. Well handled.

Liz Storey (Kiromol)


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