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The Club was formed during 1986.
Its aims are to Promote and Protect the Welfare of the Breed, and to Educate and offer support to owners and potential owners in Ireland.

The Club is affiliated to the Irish Kennel Club Ltd.,
and our Rules and Code of Ethics are approved by the I.K.C.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Ireland is committed to responsible dog ownership, and to the future of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.
The Club wishes to ensure that all of its Members are aware of the responsibilities and commitments required for good dog ownership.

The Club offers membership to owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks
and to those interested in the Breed.
Support, Advice, Assistance and Training are available.
Application for Membership is open to all, whether they own a Pedigree Show dog, a family pet or are just interested in the Breed.
The applicant must sign the declaration of agreement to abide by the Club's Rules and Code of Ethics and also those of the Irish Kennel Club Ltd.


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