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(Amended 2017)

1: The Code of Ethics:

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Ireland is committed to
responsible dog ownership and to the future of the
Rhodesian Ridgeback.
The Club wishes to ensure that all of it's members
are aware of the responsibilities and
committments needed for good dog ownership.

The aim of this code is to provide a guidance,
in Part One to all Rhodesian Ridgeback owners:
in Part Two to Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders and
in Part Three to Exhibitors:
At any time advice or help may also be sought from
the Officers and Committee of the Club.

Part One:

1) To accept the committment of ownership for the lifetime
of any Rhodesian Ridgeback you may own.
Should circumstances occur where rehoming is absolutely
essential you should consult with the dog's breeder,
who will assist and advise with the rehoming.

2) At all times to maintain a high standard of health care
for your dog(s). To properly house, feed and exercise
them and to provide appropriate veterinary care if and when required.

3) To worm your dog regularly, following the advice of
your veterinary surgeon.

4) You should not allow any dog under your care to roam
at large or to cause a nuisance.

5) As an owner you should ensure that your dog shall
wear a properly tagged collar or shall be kept fully
leashed or under effective control when away from home.

6) To discourage dogs in your charge from fouling in public
places or anywhere they are being exhibited and to clean up
after your dog(s) if they foul.

7) Breeding from stock which in any way would be
deleterious to your Rhodesian Ridgeback or to the breed
should be discouraged and all breeding stock should be believed
clear from hereditary defects.

8) As a member of The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of
Ireland your conduct should at all times reflect credit on
yourself, your dog, the breed and the Club.



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