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Part Three:

Guidance to Exhibitors of Rhodesian Ridgebacks :

1) Advice to Exhibitors.
(a) An ethical exhibitor will not malign his fellow competitors, judges or
fellow Rhodesian Ridgeback owners by making false or misleading statement
regarding their dog(s) or person.

(b) If any member / exhibitor has an objection / complaint to make they should calmly
and clearly present their objection / complaint in writing to the Irish Kennel Club,
forwarding a copy to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Ireland.

(c) All exhibitors / members should at all times behave in a manner which reflects
credit on themselves, their dog(s), the breed and the Club.


Any member acting in violation of this code may be called upon
to explain their actions, initially to the committee.
At the committee's discretion, serious violations will lead to
the member's suspension or expulsion from the Club in accordance
with the Constitution and Rules.
Such cases may be reported to the Irish Kennel Club.


(c) RRCI