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Item 1 new Regatta Jacket Regatta Jacket with Club logo €45.00
Item 2 new Regatta Fleece Regatta Fleece with Club logo €35.00
Item 3 new Body Warmer Body Warmer with Club logo €35.00
Item 4 Silk Scarf Hand painted silk scarf with RR hunting image €35.00
Item 5 Sweat Shirt Sweat Shirt with RR head €15.00
Item 6 Polo Shirts Polo Shirt €10.00
Item 7 Umbrella Umbrella €20.00
Item 8 Book The Imbali Way of Raising & Training
your Ridgeback Puppy - by Sue Craigie
€15.00 (P&P incl)
Item 10 Key Rings Key Rings (with Euro-size trolley token) €4.00
Item 11 Greeting Cards by Club Member artist Judy Pearson €2.50 (4 per pack)

Placing your order

Select the items you wish to purchase and send your request by email.
We will calculate the total cost including postage and reply to you.

Regretably, due to high bank charges, we cannot accept Credit or Debit Cards.

Payment in (Euro) can be made in two ways:-
1) Bank Draft or 2) by IBAN, electronic bank transfer direct to the Club's bank account.
IBAN details will be included in our email reply.

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